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Majestic Express


The Majestic Group was established in 2006 as an International tourism business licensed by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Malaysia to operate inbound and outbound tours. The Group's headquarters is situated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with established international branch offices located in Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai.

Prioriting innovation as its business focus, the Majestic Group is committed to disrupting traditional tourism models by constantly developing diverse thematic tour offerings that combine quality and experience. This enterprising spirit and attitude towards excellent service stands at the heart of the Group's commitment to its customers.

With the years of experience in hosting business and leisure travellers from all walks of life, the Majestic Group is arguably one of the top tourism operators at the scene. The Group has an operations team consisting of trustworthy professionals with many years of experience in the sector, while it also nurtures a stable of passionate and highly-qualified tour guides who are fluent in multiple languages including English, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese and Malay.

Majestic Express


The Majestic Group upholds excellent service at our core values, customer satisfaction as our purpose, and professionalism as our direction - promising a whole new tourism experience for our customers like no other.


To create a world-class tourism business


Championing tourism throughout Asia and around the globe


  • Reduce customer complaints, increase service quality
  • Conduct inspection on the resources regularly (hotels/restaurants/transportation)
  • Training the tour guides from time to time to enhance professionalism
  • Continuously training the operator's expertise and knowledge to ensure smooth progression of the tour


  • Customer satisfaction is our biggest encouragement
  • Enhance the status of the company in the same industry; to become the top leader in travel industry